XD Card Recovery: How to Recover Data from XD Card Easily

XD card is lot more compact in size as compared to other memory cards available in the market. It is widely used in the digital camera as external storage media. It was first developed by Fujifilm and Olympus and was launched in the market in the year 2002. it has a storage capacity ranging from 16 MB up to 2GB and the data remains secured. However, corruption of digital photos is not rare and users might suffer from the issues related to the damage or corruption of data. The stored pictures might get erased either accidentally or inaccessible for further uses due to formatting of the XD card, card error, virus attack or any other unknown errors. This is quite pathetic moment for the users to lose some of their precious and memorable moments in form of images, videos etc. In such scenario, users get anxious and search for possibilities as how to recover data from XD card recovery software. Fortunately, it is possible to recover the deleted pictures, videos and any other data stored on the XD card using the recovery software.

Many of the people are unfamiliar with the fact that photos once deleted cannot be recovered. However it is a myth and one should not lose hope to restore and recover the lost images on XD card. However, it must be clear that if you want to recover the pictures, movies or whatever file, stop using the XD card and safely remove it from the digital cameras.  Any further use or operation might promote the chances to overwrite and replace the deleted data that still remains present on the storage media. To prevent and ensure the possibilities of XD card recovery, instantly unmount the XD card from the device and switch to third party recovery software that supports recovery of deleted, missing, erased and formatted data from XD card.

It is an effective, easy and safe solution if someone is looking for how to recover data from XD card recovery.  It is an advanced tool that scans the complete XD card and searches for the missing and deleted data such as images, videos easily. Just follow the User Guide given below to follow the easy steps

User Guide- How to Use the Software for XD card Recovery

Step 1:Install the XD card recovery utility and connect the XD card with your computer and Select Start Scan option.


Step 2: select the drive for recovering lost photos, videos and audios files on XD card. Select advance scanning option to customize the recovery process

Step3: Select the desired files types which you want to recover from the displayed.

Step 4: The progress bar will show the scanning process to confirm the recovery of deleted items and other data.

Step 5: after completion of scanning process, One can have a preview of listed and recovered files.

Step 6: Select the desired location to save the recovered files after purchasing the full version of the software.


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