SD Card Recovery: How to Recover Photo,Video Files from SD Card

There are various kinds of memory card used in digital camera for storing photos, videos etc. SD card is widely used as memory card in various digital cameras. It supports and stores different popular files including images, videos, music or any other multimedia files. The best part is that the saved files can easily be erased whenever you wish and reuse the free space to write new files. Moreover you can easily carry and transfer the data from one device to another. But in attempt to clear and make some space free for storing new images, video and files, the users sometimes delete their favorite images. Apart from that some of the video or any other files can also be deleted in haste. Users can also end up deleting entire contents due to improper hand and eye coordination. However, you need top be calm as you are not the only one who has faced such situation.

There are plenty of users who have gone through this agony and have recovered the deleted files from SD card. Now, an important question that appears before the users is how to recover photo from SD card? For that you need to understand the mechanism for SD card recovery. Actually when the photos, videos or other files gets deleted or erased, they are not instantly destroyed. It continue to exists some where on the SD card but the digital camera is unable to locate the files. Experts believe that there are good chances of recovering the photos and video files if they do not get overwritten or replaced by newly created files. So, one must ensure and stop using the SD card immediately to maintain the chances of SD card recovery.


Without delaying further, the users should look for some sd card recovery options. Memory card recovery software is one good alternative as it supports SD card recovery. Thus with the use of this tool, the users can recover the deleted, formatted as well as damaged photos, video files on SD card. It restores the files and makes them accessible once again.

User Guide- How to Use the Software for SD card Recovery

Step 1:Install the software and connect the SD card with your computer and Select Start Scan option.

Step 2: select the drive for recovering photo, video files on SD card. Select advance scanning option to customize the recovery process.

Step3: Select the desired photo, video files types which you want to recover

Step 4: The progress bar will show the scanning process to confirm the recovery of deleted photo. video files on SD card.

Step 5: after completion of scanning process, One can have a preview of listed and recovered files.

Step 6: Select the desired location to save the recovered files after purchasing the full version of the software.

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