Memory Card Recovery Option Widely Used in UK

Today, almost every one in US and UK have switched over to digital cameras for capturing pictures and recording memorable videos. No doubt there are various advantages of using digital camera such as instant pictures without having to wait, unlimited photos can be stored on the same memory card, long battery life etc. however, the digital photos stored on the memory card are highly prone to corruption. They can be also deleted accidentally or while moving it to some other folders. Many times the users might happen to erase all the photos actually when they intended to delete only unwanted one. The memory card such as SD card, XD card etc now comes with high storage capacity and that means you can go on adding more and more pictures without bothering about the storage space. But have you ever thought what would happen if entire photos somehow got lost or erased due to formatting of the memory card.

The loss of photos accidentally due to deleting or formatting of the memory card is often reported and complained from the people residing in US and UK. The reason is simple as more and more people are using digital camera over there and rely on memory card for transferring the data and sharing the photos among their friends and relatives. Even a slight mistake or glitch by the users can erase the entire images and videos present on memory card. If the images happen to be an important one, it can be really annoying for the users. However, most of the users are unaware of the fact that deleted and formatted images on memory card can be recovered. Yes, many people have switched to the memory card recovery in UK with third party memory card recovery tool. However, if you are hoping to recover the photos, you need to stop using the digital camera and safely unmount the memory card from its slot.


This step must be performed immediately to ensure that the deleted images are not overwritten by new ones to maintain the possibilities of memory card recovery.  Memory card recovery software has been designed to recover and restore the photos, videos as well as the audio files on the memory card. It is a great alternative that works in most of the cases and has been tried by various users in US and UK.

User Guide- How to Use the Software for Memory card Recovery

Step 1:Install the software and connect the memory card with your computer and Select Start Scan option.

Step 2: select the drive for recovering photo, video files on memory card. Select advance scanning option to customize the recovery process.

Step 3: Select the desired photo, video files types which you want to recover

Step 4: The progress bar will show the scanning process to confirm the recovery of deleted photo. video files on memory card.

Step 5: after completion of scanning process, One can have a preview of listed and recovered files.

Step 6: Select the desired location to save the recovered files after purchasing the full version of the software.

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